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    Chris Pousette-Dart - B. 1978


    Oil on canvas

    42 x 56 inches

    Signed and dated 2009 on the reverse

    BIOGRAPHY - Chris Pousette-Dart B. 1978

    The subject of my painting is ultimately found in the process of each painting. I begin without a preconceived idea, relying largely on instinct. I start with a set of parameters (a vocabulary of linear outlines or gestural marks) which serve as the foundation for the painting. From here a work evolves through numerous compositions and edits of making and un-making. Within this cumulative process the painting becomes more rigid and my responses more calculated. In a successful painting a point is reached when the painting clicks, the final composition becomes evident and permanent and I realize the remaining steps required to complete the painting.

    -Chris Pousette-Dart


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    Chris Pousette-Dart
    B. 1978
    Untitled (Diptych)
    Oil on canvas
    36 x 48 inches
    Signed on the reverse